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wood deck after application of fresh paint and stain A freshly painted and stained wood deck with railing deck sanded

Getting your deck to look brand new again

When your deck is exposed to the elements, the wood breaks down and can become hazardous to those walk on it and plagued by mold. If your deck has started to crack, fade or splinter, then sanding your deck might be your best option for repair. Sanding will help remove old finishes and stains, and smooth rough edges.


Our technicians will professionally sand your deck in preparation for refinishing and sealing. Your deck will look as good as new when we are finished with it.

Preparing it for staining and sealing

From the top of the railing to the very last step, our sanding service will give your entire deck the same appearance and prepare it for staining and sealing. Once your deck is sanded the stain will be able to penetrate and give your deck a richer appearance.

Benefits of sanding your deck

- Evens out color from preexisting stains

- Removes existing stains

- Gets rid of rough parts and splinters

- Allows for better acceptance of seals and stain

Keep your deck looking good as new

Your deck should be sanded about every five years to keep it looking good and prevent cracks. Our expert team knows exactly how to treat your deck and has the best equipment to get the job done quickly. Our technicians are always punctual, and with our variety of convenient services, your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Contact us today for an initial consultation.


Sanding wood deck